Sunday, January 1, 2012

And The Bad Taste Award Goes To ....

Israeli Holocaust survivors and political leaders have expressed outrage over a Jerusalem demonstration in which ultra-Orthodox Jews donned yellow Star of David patches and uniforms similar to those Nazi Germany forced Jews to wear.

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews had gathered on Saturday night to protest what they say is a nationwide campaign directed against their lifestyle, implicitly comparing the current Israeli government to the Nazis.


Interesting how religious fanaticism looks so similar, no matter what faith you are discussion. Same lack of  subtlety, same petulance, same tone deafness, same bogus claims of repression, same utter lack of perspective, same boorish behavior. These guys spat on and harassed a eight year old girl, and they expected to be treated like heros. No way that would blow back in their faces in a modern secular society like Israel, right? Morons.
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