Monday, March 12, 2012

A Thousand Words ( And Then Some) On A Picture

Take a look at it; take a good look at this editorial cartoon. This is the level of “debate” the right wing is indulging in now. I’m not much for deconstruction, for attempting to comment on the meta. Not my wheelhouse I’m afraid; the ADHD does not allow my mind to get too fine grained. Drilling down to the bedrock of most ideas, getting deep, dark and dirty into the weeds, is not my strength. I’m more of a view from 20,000 feet kind of guy. But this image, this toxic bit of sludge just screams out for comment. Shall we gentle reader, shall we take a wrecking ball to this meme? Oh yes, we shall!

I don’t know how any sentiment human being could produce such an image. What kind of malevolent, gleefully troglodyte, troll does one have to be to produce such an image? What kind of warped, twisted, dark soul, does one have to possess to even think such a image is appropriate in the public sphere?

What kind of feeble mind, twisted by rage, produces this, the image of the President as a caricature from a 1970’s blacksploitation movie? The President as Super Fly? Are you kidding? What kind of rock has this person been hiding under for the last forty or so years? is there any notion of how racist this image is? Is there any idea badly you have missed the mark? Is there any idea of number of people alienated by this piece of dreck? I’m guessing that Mr. Mike Lester of Rome Georgia had a damn good idea of the shit storm he was about to stir; that was the whole point of this poisonous missive.

In way Mr. Lester knows he has nothing, no real counter to the Affordable Healthcare Act’s legislating of contraceptives as no-copay preventive medicine. The Contraceptive ruling is straight-down-the-middle medicine. This is straight-down-the-middle gender fairness. Men get their little blue pills, women get their birth control pills; everybody who is not the US Catholic Bishops Conference is happy.

But with the religious freedom excuse knocked out by Obama, the he-man women haters club doubled down on the vagina hatred. Taking their cue from Rush, hey were did all my advertisers go, Limbaugh, they went strait to calling 99% of US women wanton sluts sleeping for a fee. The addition of making President their Mac Daddy pimp was a bonus round of pointless racial animus.

And Republicans wonder why they are hemorrhaging voters at a furious clip with the under 45 crowd. The Elephants also wonder why the can not get a break with the Ebony reader set. Maybe because you just deployed the most appalling, gutter-snipe, racist meme against the first African-American President? Just a helpful hint for the clueless.

And what are we to think of the right’s chances with the fairer sex? I guess it is a laugh riot to Wingnuts to literally illustrate Ms.Sandra Fluke as a slut getting her miscegenation on. Never mind that she is attending a top flight law school. Never mind the actual testimony she gave. Never mind the actual substance of that testimony. No, let’s go straight to the gutter, and smear Sandra Fluke as a happy hooker with a predilection for dark meat.

Thank you Mr. Mike Lester, thank you ever so much, for leaving no doubt in any rational persons mind where your fetid, fevered imaginings go. Thank you for this disgusting, beyond the pale, demonstration of your world view. Thanks for the brilliant display of your toxic ideology. Thanks for the blatant misogyny and racism.Thanks for this little piece of Wingnut theater. Thanks for the sexual and racial phobia. Thanks for proving beyond a shadow of doubt the intellectual exhaustion of Movement Conservatives. Thanks for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that reactionary thought always ends in the cesspool of gender and racial hatreds.
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