Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trayvon Martin's death was murder, Rep. Frederica Wilson claims

McClatchy: "MIAMI — Trayvon Martin's death is "definitely" a case of murder, Miami Congresswoman Frederica Wilson told The Miami Herald during a sit-down video interview Tuesday.

Wilson appeared on an online video program hosted by Miami Herald World Editor John Yearwood. In her appearance, Wilson described racial profiling as a pervasive force in this country, and said she fears for the safety of her black son and three black grandsons.

Of the Martin case, Wilson said, "Oh, definitely Mr. Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin ... you can tell from the 911 tapes, and from the girlfriend's conversation. You can tell from Mr. Zimmerman's past."

"He murdered Trayvon," Wilson repeated. "He hunted him down like you hunt a rabbit.""

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Oh Sweet Baby Jesus On A Pogo Stick, here we go again! Yet another hack pol exploiting this tragedy for political gain. Rep Wilson, let the DOJ and the FL grand jury figure this one out. No need to pour gasoline on an already raging fire.
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