Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Safe, Legal, and Rare? I don't think so.

I’ve always had a problem with the formulation of legal, safe, and rare. Why should abortions be rare? No one insists that blood transfusions should be rare. No one insists that chemotherapy should be rare. No one insists that childhood vaccinations should be rare. Abortion is a medical procedure; full stop. It is part of panoply of treatments and procedures that are covered by Reproductive Health Care. No sane person would argue that epidurals should be rare; that other forms of pain management should be rare. That is decision best left to the woman and the doctor.

Far too many people are hung up on the supposed moral dimension of Abortion. The mushy middle still believes that Abortion is still “wrong” and shameful. What they do not get is that one third of US women will end a pregnancy via abortion in their lifetime. Many of these women are either already mothers or will be mothers in their lifetimes. They want children, but not right now. Abortion is a legitimate means of family planning, especially when done in the first trimester.

And turning to the real world, Abortion will always be with us; and it will never be rare. I once looked up abortion rates in the EU to see what the minimum set might look like in the US. Remember these are nations that are doing everything “right”: they have comprehensive sex education from grade school on up, they have free subsidized health care that includes free birth control, they have a much more mature attitude to sex. Yet even in the EU, nations like Germany are having abortion rates in the high hundreds of thousands. That is not even close to rare.

A more honest approach would be to say you want to make Abortion safe, legal, and accessible. I really do not see any point in arguing otherwise. A women’s right to agency trumps any “moral” concerns a uninvolved bystander may have. Keep your morals to yourself and have a nice day.

And since we are talking about morals, we can now talk about the oxymoronic Moral Majority.
Actually their name is doubly oxymoronic since they are neither moral nor a majority.  Their whole ideology is a perversion of Christianity. They take the message of Jesus and flip it around 180 degrees. From meekness and love they pull out hate and oppression.

The religious reactionaries of the Republican Party only really care about two things: sticking it to the poor (read the nig-CLANG) and sexual repression. Denying women the right to control their own bodies is all about patriarchy, and punishing the evil sluts for having (and enjoying) sex. That is why the Religious Reactionaries blew a gasket over Obama’s BC decision. Now all those evil no good sluts can have their wanton sex with no consequence; they will get off scot free! That is why it all of a sudden became vitally important that the RC church (and others) get some kind of religious exemption from the AHCA’s BC requirement; never mind Catholic Institutions were already providing health care with full reproductive health care benefits (read Birth Control for preventive health) before the Bishops went into high dungeon about the Obamacare rules.

Remember, for far too many of the Republican Party it is all about the sex, and punishing woman for enjoying sex by having it on her own terms.
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