Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weiner Roast.

There is an epic political train wreck happening in Gotham. The junk that knows no shame, Anthony Weiner, got outted by a woman name Sydney Leathers; no, seriously, that’s her name, Sydney Leathers.

So yet another young twenty year old woman got to see the former Congressman standing proud. And she got to cash in--big time. She has been seen in conversation with Porn Producers Vivid Entertainment for the inevitable “educational video” that the fine folks at Vivd will put out. There is a dark bit of humor here but also more than a bit of horror. Something is seriously wrong with this man.

Something is also seriously wrong with Huma Abedin. Being the very simple creature know as a male human there is no way I can plumb the depths of the heart of a woman. Still, I do wonder how much more humiliation this woman can take. Is this were love takes a woman, or is there something much more darker going on here?

One thing for sure, this is not a great advertisement for therapy, marriage or psychological, or any other kind. After untold hours of weeping, gnashing of teeth, bearing of souls and psyches the man still can’t keep his junk in the trunk.

Something wicked this way comes in the form of Anthony Weiner. Something very weird and very self destructive. Something that Ms. Abedin has either willingly or unwilling signed off for. This is no longer just about politics in the great city of Gotham; this is much, much darker, the stuff of tragedy.

Can we all agree that Mr. Weiner is something of a skeevy creep? Can we agree that the man has poured gasoline on himself and then lit a match. You can smell the charcoal all the way to New Jersey; he’s not merely cooked, he’s ashes. So what is this politically connected and rising Clintonite star, Ms. Abedin, to do? The Tammy Wynette impersonation is not working. There are several quantum leaps, all downward, from the Big Dog, Bill Clinton, to the big bulge, Anthony Weiner. 

This is more than political. This is more than a societal Rorschach Test. These are real married people with a real child and a relationship that has crashed on the reefs; mainly due to the man’s antics. But the thing is, Huma is now taking the hits too. The Hillary template was barely acceptable twenty years ago, excusable for the man and the stakes at that time. That was then, this is now, and women are expected to lean in, to be there own person, not an appendage of their spouses.

Unlike many others I do not see this as raw political calculation. I do see this as a woman trying to save her relationship with a deeply flawed man.  But the man is caroming around the Interwebs, looking for love in all the wrong places. What he is chasing is the chase itself. There is a very weird obsession in going after what he can’t have and does not really want. It’s the very distance he craves, plus the validation these far too young for him women give.

This is a very disturbing dynamic. It gets positively icky, no other word suffices, when the general public gets dragged into this. If Mr. Weiner were just another high-profile lawyer in the Big Apple no one would care. Maybe he would be the subject of gossip in the exclusive bars and other hang outs of the elite legal set of Manhattan, but we, the unwashed masses of the nation could be blissfully unaware of these goings on. However the former Congressman decided to inflict himself on our conscious. He ran for Mayor in one of the media capitols of not only the US but the world. He ran knowing that Ms. Leathers, and more like her would pop up. He also roped his wife into this little bit of self-flagellation. Why the hell did she agree to this?

Again, I can not see into this woman’s heart. Only she, and she alone really knows if having this Albatross, the former congressman, hung around her neck is worth it. I can only point out that bird is smelling rather rancid. Is this love? Is this mere miscalculated ambition? Does this woman have a taste for roasted crow? Who knows? But the good ship Anthony is about to go under the waves and she is lashed to the mast. Maybe she wanted to be there? Ms. Aduma, Dr. Freud on line one, National Enquire on line two.
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