Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A new Dawn.


I think I’m in love with you Dawn. It takes guts to post something like this because you just know that you are essentially ringing a dinner bell for all the Trolls to answer.

I do not know why some on the comments section have utterly lost their scam/BS detectors, but let me help them out. When a person has a “buy my crap” button prominently displayed on their Facebook page that BS detector should be at least in the yellow if not deep in the red section of the meter. The good doctor is shilling a product, he has skin in the game people. Onward and downward to GMO.

If you really have a problem with GMO food you are going to have to totally abandon your present life style and take up the hunter-gather life style. This may be a problem for most, as the opportunities to go truly paleo are not what they used to be. Everything you eat is GMO, everything. It’s called agriculture and we as a species have been doing it for about seven thousand years. We have altered the DNA of every food crop out there by via selective breeding. GMO is just a faster way to do this.

I’m not going to bother with the debate of how Monsanto might be evil in doing this, just the type of evil Monsanto may or may not be up to. It makes no sense for Monsanto to poison its customers, dead people don’t buy stuff. Monsanto wants return customers. It’s also really bad form for the government to allow its citizen to be picked off by the score so a multinational can profit off the carnage. It is thus in the interest of both Monsanto and the government to ensure that GMO foods are pure and safe. Labeling? Please, honest labeling would have every food item you purchase labeled as Genetically Modified because, to repeat, everything on your table is Genetically Modified whether it comes from Big Ag or from the Mom and Pop Organic Farm. To eat, or more likely starve, naturally you would have to pick up your trusty spear or bow and arrow and start hunting game. How you explain this to the ranger when the game is out of season is beyond me.

Shifting gears, it is interesting how some here run past “go”, fail to collect their two hundred dollars, and settle into some nice, toxic ad homonym attacks with a side order of misogyny. Why is the default either “paid shill” or just straight out calumny? There is so much butt hurt here and so little time to respond to it. Dawn has done her work and laid out here case and it is a good one, a prima facie case as I would have it. There is a claim, links to support the claims, and two examples of what the general flavor of the sites are via the comments. I have a working idea what these sites are like. She did her work, she had to wade through the sites, it’s not her fault that people there are banging on about chem trails, fluoride, and other tin-foil-hat type subjects. These sites have Admins and if those comments did not reflect the tenor of the discussion on the board or violated the rules of engagement, those comments would not be there for her to find. It sucks when your favorite site gets slammed for a post that has over one thousand likes, but you got to live with that cone of shame.

If there is anything in these “alternates” it will be found, isolated, distilled, and yes patented so Big Pharma can make tons of money. But to make those mountains of money Big Pharma has to jump through numerous hoops of fire, a whole regime of testing, to make sure that their product is both safe and effective. Meanwhile, Dr. Natural is under no such limitations, he does not even have to sell you what he claims to be offering. Your Tea Tree Oil could just be reclaimed and filtered McDonald’s deep fryer oil for all you know, and have the extra added “benefit” of heavy metals to boot. No, seriously, herbs shipped in from China have been tested for and found to have lead and other injurious heavy metals in them. But hey, heavy metals are natural , so it’s all good I guess; why not buy something that is not what is says it is, and get the added boost of a persistent toxin?

Every site mentioned has some form of the “Big Lie” they take a grain of truth or conjecture and then coat it with fear, loathing, irrationality and bunkum. There are issues with our food supply that do need to be dealt with. There are also issues with our drug delivery system that need to be address. Big Pharma does have its issues and embarrassments. However that is no reason to trail off into conspiracy theories and unproven treatments. Look at the theme , each one of these sites is offering medical advice that is a toxic brew of quackery, fear mongering and snake oil salesmanship. Your “alternative” is to wrap yourself in tin foil and to literally buy into suspect “cures” and “treatments” that violate the first rule of medicine “Do no harm.”

The exception is the one New Age spiritual site. But even there it is only a hop, skip and a short jump back into the woo-woo. Sooner or later there will be an article on how you must buy these small rocks that will be your BFF and realign you Karmic Chakras because some nice Guru being chauffeured around in a Bentley mumbled some words over them. Expanding consciousness , having Spirit Angle guides, and reading Auras sounds mostly harmless but it lacks the rigor of any serious philosophy or faith.

Dawn has provided a service here, she has gone neck deep in to the woo-woo, on deep Safari, and brought back a report on the natives. Now any time I see these sites being used to buttress an argument I know two things: one the argument is hopelessly specious, and two I am not dealing with a person who resides in the fact based community.
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