Monday, April 30, 2007

Ground Zero of the Immigration debate.

Living in San Diego, a border town, offers a different prospective on Immigration than most areas of the USA. Mexico is smack dab on our city limits. The San Ysidro port of entry is the busiest border crossing in the world. Lying athwart this border is the wall. The wall is an ugly thing, triple-layered, barb-wired and tall. It makes manifest our confusion about immigration.

While we don’t like the Mexicans much, we love the cheap labor they bring. There is not a restaurant or Hotel / Motel that is not using Undocumented labor in San Diego. Further north the tony suburbs of Rancho Santa Fe and Del Mar would be much grimmer places with out the help of Mexican Nannies. To the East the strawberry and vegetable fields of the Imperial Valley would rot in the cruel sun if Migrant Agricultural workers from south of the border were not working them.

So in the dessert that is East San Diego county the wall gives out. Yes gentle reader you read that right no more wall, just the mountains of the east county to guard us from the onslaught of the mad Aztecs. But they and border patrol do have an effect. The mountains and the dessert to the east do kill. Freezing in winter, broiling hot in summer they pick off the most vulnerable. No one really knows how many Undocumented die, how many unfortunates become coyote kibble. The Government claims are low, the activists claims are much higher.

Of course the solution offered by the Nativist crowd is more wall. It is proposed that the wall stretch from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. This is for “security” No reason is offered why the Canadian border does not need a similar wall to keep out all those hockey-mad canucks. Even if such an atrocity were put up the two legged Coyotes would find a way around. In San Diego they dug under the wall, right under the noses of all that law enforcement, and had a smuggling tunnel. It was quite a sophisticated affair, with lighting and other improvements. Further east they are literally bringing in undocumenteds by the truck load. We know this because one of those trucks broke down with it’s cargo in the searing Arizona sun. By the time the authorities arrived to the scene 13 people were dead from heat exhaustion and many others were well on the way their final rest.

Of course no political “discussion” would be complete without the troglodytes of the right bringing up 9/11. We need to secure our borders goes the talking point. Exactly how we are supposed to secure both our Canadian and Mexican borders plus the Atlantic and Pacific coasts is never really mentioned. Maybe the Jihadis will be so intimidated by the huge tripped layered wall on our southern border that they won’t notice that one can easily cross over from Canada or sneak in from numerous points on the coast. Oh that’s right the “minute men” will help plug that hole.

There is an easier way, it’s called employment law. A strong law which fines employers of undocumented workers heavily would put a quick end to the flood of “illegals” Guess what the odds of that happening are? What would happen if those rich socialites of the tony suburbs had to pay a $10,000 fine for each violation? What if Walmart got slammed with a multi-million fine and if the CEO faced jail time for violations of the law? Do you really think that the Corporatist s would stand for that?

The cooperate hack-pack has put out the meme that undocumenteds “do the work that Americans won’t do.” This is true to a point. Americans won’t do the work at the pay that is offered. Raise the wage and watch the native born show up. But that would cut into the salaries of the CEO s and cut the dividends of the investors. We can’t have that, no lets have a permanent underclass, let the middle class keep shrinking, let the tiny minority of the upper class reap all the reward. And when the republic collapses into fascism we can blame the Mexicans.
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