Monday, April 30, 2007

One and half cheers for the Philippines army.

Several weeks back there was some good news on the “Global War On Terrorism” The army of the PI had finally run the leader of Abu Sayyaf to ground, quite literally. The remains of PI public enemy one were found deep in jungles of Jolo. Since then there have been demonstrations that while down Abu Sayyaf are not out. Like a bad penny the troubles in the south PI keep coming back. Latest fun was some shelling in Sulu by the AFP. Wonder how many innocent non-combatants became “collateral damage” in that assault.

But in the PI there is always a story behind the story. The AFP is getting support from their good friends in Washington. Uncle Sam is providing both logistical and tactical support. American “advisors” are helping the AFP with planning support. A decade or so after Cory Aquino gave the Americans the heave ho from their bases, Uncle is back- bigger than life and twice as ugly.

Why does the PI need still US help? Why after people power and “killing the father” does the PI still need Uncle Sam to create order in it’s own territory? Just wondering.
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