Friday, May 25, 2007


Looking at the past six years George W Bush is our punishment. We let a base fool get into office. We placed a hopeless incompetent, a failure at everything he ever did, into the White House. We let a nere-do-well scion of GH Bush make decisions for the greatest power the world has ever seen because we thought he would “be fun to have a beer with.” And because of that the USA has been beaten by an iron rod. Our good name has been dragged through the mud, our judicial system has been perverted and our young men and women have been slaughtered as sacrifice to heathen gods.

The Buddhists have a term called "mindfulness" maybe there is an Islamic equivalent. Mindfulness is being aware of and paying attention to the moment in which we find ourselves. The voters of 2000 and 2004 were not being mindful when they cast their ballots. The voters were easily distracted by nonsense “issues” like Al Gore sighing at one of Bush’s idiotic points. Al Gore got slagged because he was “wooden”, “boring”, wore earth tones, etc. Somehow the Corporate Media never got around to Bush’s negatives. And when Gore “lost” Florida, the public, thoroughly bored with the process, let the five Republican Supreme Court Judges pick George W Bush as the 43rd president of the USA. Pick a deadly sin and the election of 2000 covers it nicely.

The major sin though is sloth. The electorate was lazy; we didn’t bother to find out the true story of G. W. Bush. All one had to do was Google “Molly Ivans.” Molly had the goods on “shrub” for ages. And when the man who finished second in the popular vote was proclaimed President we failed to follow the example of the Ukrainians. We flipped the channel on the TV to see who would win “American Idol.”

As we all know one sin always leads to more sins and those sins become worse in quantity and quality. Sloth leads to September the 11th. Our Wrath from September 11th leads to Iraq, and that war lead to a thousand and one other evils. Due to the sin of sloth the USA is now drenched in an Ocean of blood. What is truly sickening is that up to a third of the electorate in the USA STILL doesn’t get this. If you doubt this, you didn’t watch or hear about the South Carolina Republican debate. All the seven deadly sins were proudly displayed in that little forum.

So yes, let us pray to Allah the most just and compassionate but let us also be mindful. Democracy demands participation- get involved. Join a discussion group, volunteer for a NGO, pick up a phone and badger your MP or Congresscritter. Ben Franklin said it best “God helps those who help themselves.” Turn off Big Brother and get involved. Take a page from the Ukrainians and let the powers that be know that you’re out there and more than willing to make your voices heard.
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