Monday, May 21, 2007

What’s wrong with the Republican Party?

A few days ago the Republican Party held a “debate” More like a beauty pageant, the questions were moronic and the answers were insipid. The whole exercise was an unwatchable train wreck. It did point out a deeply disturbing sickness that has infected the GOP. This Virus has a name “movement conservatives” it a shorthand for an unholy troika of Dominionist Christians, NeoCon propeller-heads and the big-business Corporatists. What these diverse group come together on is a very scary proto-fascism. Here are the 14 points of fascism. Read them and weep.

The 14 points come to mind when Brian Williams asked his moronic question ripped from the latest airing of “24." The ticking time bomb premise is fiction, it is a plot device for riveting drama, it is not reality. Intelligence is never that certain, the guy we pick up may not have the goods on the plot. There may not be another plot to begin with. But that didn’t stop the candidates from a bidding war on who would trash the constitution first or the most. Mitt Romeny got the gold in that particular competition. The oily seagull worshiper (Romeny is a Mormon) slithered on the stage and broadcast red meat to the brown shirts. It was appalling. He wanted to expand Gitmo, he was happy that the men incarcerated there had no recourse to lawyers, he wanted to pack more people in there with no charges, Gitmo was a beacon of democracy and so forth. And the faithful lapped it up. Goodness how they cheered. The only party pooper was John McCain. He actually gave a sane (for a Republican) answer. When he was done with his points all you heard was the chirping of crickets

Again what is wrong with the Republican party? Why are they cheering the destruction of over two thousand years of common law?. Why are they for trashing over twelve hundred years of Habeas Corpus? When did they become in favor of letting Big Government wreak havoc on the individual? When did they become fans of torture? When did they become mealy-mouth parsers of fact? “We are against torture but we are for ‘aggressive interrogation of suspects’” Please! That means “we are going to water-board the living Allah right out of those dirty A-rabs” It means “we are going to keep tapping your phones and reading your emails and invading your privacy whenever we damn feel like it. And by the way we are not going to need no stinking badges nor a freaking warrant” Orwellian doesn’t even begin to described this decent in to the dark side of governance. Combine this with their anti-abortion stance and we have five of the fourteen points of fascism. Those five points being Over-the-top Nationalism, Disdain for human rights, IDing scapegoats / enemies, avid militarism, and rampant sexism.

You know you in trouble when the Libertarian who is running on Taft-style platform of no foreign entanglements is the one who sounded sane. You know your are in deep Kimchi when the rest of the candidates try to out bid each other in slapping down that Libertarian. Oh how the crowd love that! All Ron Paul try to do is offer an explanation of how our foreign policy in previous years had lead to the blow-back we see today. The Republicans reacted as if he was proposing that we all be able to eat live babies as nutritional supplements. Robert Taft was a good solid Republican. As Senator he led a wing of the Republican party in the late 40's and early ‘50's. He was a staunch Isolationist. He opposed the Marshal plan and NATO. He believed in Washington’s dictum of “no entangling alliances.” In South Carolina nine of the ten candidates sprinted to see who could be the first to urinate on his grave. And the crowd egged them on. All that was missing from this little get-together was a torch-lit parade by the jack-booted thugs of the party youth and the Horst-Wessel-Lied.
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