Sunday, June 10, 2007

Joe Lie-Berman

Holy Joe Lieberman is yammering about military action against Iran.

Will this man please shut up? This pathetic DINO (Democrat In Name Only) is an embarrassment to the people of Connecticut. Just listening to him, to his whiny, self-absorbed, self-righteous, unctuous voice, sets one's teeth on edge.

Then there is the actual message that he is delivering. Bomb Iran? Has Lieberman lost all perspective on reality?! Does he really want to start a Hobbesian struggle of the all against the all in the Middle East? The region is on the tipping point as it is. The surge is in deep Kim chi as it is. We don't have the troops to bring Baghdad under control. Now were going to have Iran's Million man Army in the mix and hopping mad?

Lieberman has always been a base fool but this latest reverse-burp emanating from his foul pie-hole set a new low in the political discourse. The Likud Party Senator from Connecticut has gone finally and irrevocably bat-sh*t insane.

Make no mistake about it, Lieberman is (mis)informed by the Likud-NeoCon "philosophy" dreamed up by Irving Kristal and others. This branch of Nonconservativism insists that Israel can do no wrong and that Israel's enemies are our enemies. The "logic" goes that since Iran is Israel's enemy and thus should be attacked; the USA should attack Iran for Israel's sake. Why Israel can't blow up Iran on their own is left out of the discussion. There is a rumor out there that the Israelis do own a formidable Air Force. Maybe the Israeli Air Force had lost it's edge by bombing defenseless Palestinians and Lebanese? It has been a while since the Israeli Air Force has had to fight a determined opponent with the means to fight back.

Of course if the good people of Connecticut had actually bothered to look at Lieberman's record, Holy Joe would now be a lobbyist for big pharma right now. He has been W's biggest cheerleader on the Iraq war and the following occupation. He only pulled in his sails for a brief time, from his loss in the Democratic Primary to his Reelection in November of 2006. Citizens of Connecticut you get an F in civics . You didn't pay attention, you failed to research the candidate, you voted for the Incumbent because you thought he was a good guy a "moderate."

Now that he is free and clear for the next six years the Likud Senator from Connecticut has returned to form. He is doing W's bidding. Worse yet he is doing Cheny's bidding. Darth Cheney, the dark lord of the Sith (or at least the NeoCons), is behind this latest push to attack Iran.

Cheney still wants to complete the PNAC mission. Remember the happy pirates from PNAC? Remember; topple Saddam, crush Iran? Remember being "greeted as liberators", "last throws", "working on the dark side if you will?" How is that working out? How is the New American Century doing?

It is pathetic in a way that Cheney has to resort to using Holy Joe to get his talking points across. The news yammers about how W is now a permanent member of the how-low-can-you-go club. W has been in cellar so long he is starting to sprout mushrooms. Cheney, however, is in the sub-basement. People prefer flesh-eating bacteria to Dick Cheney.

So Holy Joe is now carrying Dick Dick Cheney's water for him. He is carrying the Likud's water for them. He is doing this out an arrogant belief that he knows better than the people who elected him. He is doing this because he believes bombing Iran somehow helps Israel. He is willfully ignoring the facts on the ground. Iran is a decade away from a atom bomb. The threat from Iran is distant. There is zero,zilch, nil, nada, no connection between Shi'ite Iran and Sunni Al-Qaeda. More than 90% of the attacks from the Insurgents are from the Sunnis who are funded by Saudi Arabian sources. If we really want to nip the Insurgents in the bud, to cut them off from their sources of supply we would be aiming those Tomahawks toward Riyadh not Tehran. Three guess when that happens.

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