Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Surge is in Deep Kim Chee

Only 1/3 of Baghdad is under control.

Wrap your head around that fact gentle reader. Despite one of the bloodiest months in the Occupation of Iraq we have very little to show for the effort. The Insurgents are not in any way discomforted by our actions. They just managed to blow up an major bridge south of the capitol.
Just when you think it can't get worse it does. Our Shi'ite allies are setting the bombs that kill our troopers.

Can we please leave now? Why are we waiting for September? Ladies and Gentlemen the jury is in. The Surge is doomed. Even if W' is planning a secret second surge we are cooked. General Shinseki told us what the real manning requirements were. For those who suffer from Alzheimer's or listen to Fox News (pretty much the same thing) that was 500,000 troops to get Iraq under control. That was before the Iraqis looted all the weapons from the Al Qaqaa complex south of Baghdad. Where do you think all the raw materials for those I.E.D.s are coming from? Here is a hint.

Unfortunately Congress folded when the "Commander Guy" threw a temper tantrum. Congress knuckled under to a man who is more and more acting like a willful 5 year old.

So when are we finally going to give George a time out? The Republicans, fearful of getting slaughtered in the election of 2008, say September. But what happens when the brazen Bush administration claims "progress" and starts sliming everyone who disagrees. Can the Republicans resist the onslaught of the Swiftboating Bushites? Remember they have to coddle their insane authoritarian base. What happens when they get branded as "Cut and Run traitors?"

The Democrats folded under pressure of the Swiftboating right-wingers. And those people don't even vote for the Democrats-ever! Whisper "soft on defense" to a Democrat and watch them soil themselves. Will the Republicans be any stronger when Faux Noise (Fox News) starts screaming "there is no substitute for victory!" and "appeaser!" and "Surrender Monkey!" to them? We might be surging until
January 20, 2009.
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