Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Amature Hour in the UK

The recent bombing in the UK have the unwashed masses knickers in a twist. Seems like the evil Mooslims are acting up again. It is a guarantee that members of the B.N.P. are out barking like the mad dogs that they are.

What is really striking here is how foolish and badly planed these things were. One car bomb was found (and towed) due to illegal parking. The other Mercedes brought about suspicion because the seats were smoldering. What we have here is yuppy wanna-be terrorists. The IRA would toss these guys out of any terror cell they were organizing. Maybe the IRA would let these guys do the washing up of the balaclavas or buy the drinks for the real fighters.

Even if these things went off (and they did not) they mostly would have provided a really big bang and not much else. Very little shrapnel would have been made. Remember it's the shrapnel addressed to "occupant" not the bullet with your name on it that does the major damage.

These guys were not Al Qaeda in London.
Osama Bin Laden did not have any links with these fools. These guys were clowns play-acting Islamic militant. The police of the UK and Australia are mopping these guys up, keep moving citizen nothing to see here other than good police work. These criminals will be dealt with by the ordinary judicial mechanisms. There supporters will be found and prosecuted. No need to round up any other people, no need to be fearful of the "Jihadists," these guys were not part of any plot to place the UK under the green banner. Maybe in their own silly addled minds they might be "martyrs to the cause" or "martyrs for Islam" but not in reality.

Of course there will be other base fools who will try to blow this out of proportion. We know the meme "Terror, terror, terror, be afraid, be afraid, be afraid, the Mooslims are out to get you! You only be safe with us! Just give up all your god-given freedoms and everything will be well." Just remember the boogy man is someone like Richard Reed a man who looks (and acts) more like a homeless panhandler than threat to national security. Remember that the boogy man is illegally parking a
Mercedes car bomb that is hooked by a meter maid.

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