Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Libby and Lawlessness

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby got a "get out of Jail card" via the Commander Guy today. The Democrats are in high dungeon about Scooter getting to walk a free man. Libby still gets to pay a fine and serve probation. He is also on record now as a felon. Needless to say Uncle Dick Cheny will make sure he has a nice soft landing via Haliburton or one of its' subsidiaries.

What is appalling about this whole sorry mess is that people like
Rudolph Giuliani and the oily seagull worshiper Mitt Romney claim that this was a case of a prosecutor run amok. "I believe that the circumstances of this case, where the prosecutor knew that there had not been a crime committed, created a setting where a decision of this nature was reasonable," the New York Times quoted Mr Romney as saying on the campaign trial in Iowa.

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo-stick! These people have no shame! First of all a crime was committed: it's called "perjury and obstruction of justice." Wrap that around your tiny little fore brains, that was the crime. The original investigation was about outing a N.O.C. a Non-Official Cover operative of the CIA. Ms. Plame was agent of the US government. She was doing sensitive work in nuclear proliferation in the middle east. Because Scooter and his NeoCon buddies went on smear campaign against Mrs Wilson the Brass Plate operation that was
Brewster Jennings & Associates has been exposed. Real people are dead or disappeared because Dick Cheney had a Jones about Ambassador Wilson screaming "lier , lier pants on fire." to him from the Op-Ed pages of the New York Times.

Valerie Plame-Wilson was undercover until Libby and others outed her. Now the others like Rove were smart enough to own up to the deed. There is no law that prevents them from doing so. Again wrap that fact around your foreheads all you Fox-viewing koolaid drinkers. The law "protecting" our CIA assets is so narrowly written that it you can out a N.O.C. without any consequences. While she might have worn a trench-coat and a fedora Ms. Wilson was as undercover as you can get.

So we are now totally blind as to the nuclear ambitions of Iran thanks to the take-down of Brewster Jennings. Iran's secret services didn't have to lift a finger, Cheney did all the heavy lifting. Who in the middle east or anywhere else is going to trust us now? Yes now that we have shown that we will ruin our most sensitive endeavors to score a quick cheap partisan advantage. Rest easy America Scooter walks a free man.

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