Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hey, Hey, Goodby!

Strike up Steam's "kiss them goodbye" Carl Rove is pulling up stakes and leaving G.W. to his own devices. But before we put on our party hats and start doing the Loco-motion or the Electric Slide there are some questions. One would be "why now?" The Hindenburg disaster that was the election of 2006 for the Republicans is eight months gone. Should not have Rove been shot out of the same cannon that Rumsfeld was?

After the Republican Donnybrook that was '06 what else did Rove have on his plate? The commander guy had no more elections left. What more was there for Rove to do? Some would say Rove is leaving only now because he has to get lawyered up for the Attorneys firing scandal. Rove was definitely the man behind the curtain for that little miscarriage of justice. With Rove gone, only Gonzo remains as the big fat target of the investigation.

It would be entirely in Roves character to try to save his own skin from the consequences of his political skulduggery. His absence might act as a firebreak for the Commander Guy if Gonzo spontaneously combusts. As always with the Bushies one has to ask "what is the REAL story here?" One has to think dirty.

Other than that, time to let our hair down and dance the Macarena.

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