Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And Then There is Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney quite possibly the sleaziest politician of the GOP Presidential Candidates running got some bragging rights by buying a straw poll in Iowa. Mike Huckabee the evolution doubting ex-governor of Arkansas came in second. Both are competing for the "Cristian" Crazy vote in the GOP. Mitt was having problems with the born-again crowd because he happens to be a Mormon. Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Senator John McCain gave the Iowa beauty contest a pass.

Mitt managed win despite the fact he stepped into a rather large Iowa Cow-Pat the other day. Our Seagull Worshiper tried to answer why none of his five sons have seen fit to enlist in the War on Terror. Not one of them have signed up for any branch of the U.S. Military. Not to worry they are serving their country by helping their father get elected.

Got to love that equivalence, touring the USA in a Winnebago and shaking hands with the unwashed masses is the same as patrolling Baghdad in 130 degree heat in "full battle rattle " while carrying a fifty pound rucksack. Leave out the insurgents for a minute, how long would Mitt's Manicured sons last in the hellish heat our troopers deal with every day? Wrap your mind on the image of those scions of privilege marching over hill and dale while some hard-as-nails drill instructor cusses them out. They wouldn't make it past basic training. Not that they would even think of joining the military. That would be beneath them. They have their stock portfolios to think of.
As Paul Krugman points out Mitt is just one example of the extreme
narcissism that infects all the Republican candidates for President. This is because very smart men have to appeal to some very foolish voters. Remember Mitt was the guy who wanted to expand Gitmo. He is not at all below tossing red meat to the ignorant savages who are now the "base" of the Republicans.

In a way it is sad to view what the Republican Party has become. The Elephants are charging toward the Mother of all precipices. They have abandoned reason and are indulging their reptilian brain. The greater tragedy is that they are taking the country down with them.

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