Saturday, August 11, 2007

Oh Canada.

If the abuse of Omar Deghayes wasn't enough to turn your stomach, there is more. The Bush administration is like a evil and deranged take on those old Ronco and K-tel ads that used to grace late night television; the ones that used to scream "not only that you also get..."

The Canadian government just apologized and paid $10,000,000 in compensation to Maher Arar a Canadian citizen who was "rendered" by the U.S. Government. In Japan this would be called "gomen (I'm sorry) money" (from "gomen nasi" a politer form of "I'm sorry" in Japanese.)

At least the Canadians know bad acting when they saw it. At least they felt some shame and for something they really didn't do. This was all Bush all the time. The US government of the G.W. "Commander Guy" Bush on the other hand has yet to even blush about what it did. Que up Elton John, sorry does seem to be the hardest word for the Bushies.

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