Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stand Up What Government?

The Washington Post lays it out for anyone who isn't totally delusional, brain dead, a Neo-Con, or Republican Representative / "Blue Dog Democrat." (pretty much the same group when you think about it.) There will be no standing up of the Iraqi government. There is no government to stand up. There are only factions, and cliques, and clans and blood feuds in Iraq. There is no "Central Government in the bad lands of the "Triangle of Death" The Americans are not fighting just one enemy here. In the bad lands you need a program to keep track of all the different belligerents.

The US military is playing referee to a bunch of ill-behaved militants who won't play nice. They are enforcing a very fragile "peace" between numerous and different armed groups. Once the troopers leave, it is "cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war."

Forget the happy talk about progress on the ground, the political situation is going backwards. Iraq has retrograded back to the old pagan days of Urr, to clans and competing cliques. Iraq is not going to stand up, Iraq as a unified state is a corpse.

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