Monday, August 13, 2007

Please Make it Stop!

In an article that makes one want to down a whole bottle of Glenlivet and then bash one's head with the empty bottle when one is done; the L.A. Times reports of new rules that would allow Alberto Gonzales to expedite death penalty appeals.

In the classic Bushite manner the new A.G. power was sneaked in under the cover of darkness. It was a little noticed provision tacked on to last years Patriot Act revision. Alberto and W have done this before. In Texas Al and George helped execution become a cottage in the Lone Star State. During there tenure Texas set an all time record of 152 executions. But it gets better, in the documents prepared by Gonzo we find an mind-numbing carelessness for the facts of the case. Remember Karla Faye Tucker? Remember Bush's cavalier disregard for her life? He openly mocked the woman. Then there were the execution of metally handicapped individuals that Al and George W checked off on. Terry Washington a man with the communication skills of a seven year old wan one who got fed into the gluttonous maw that was Bush and Gonzales's Texas "review" process. Read up on Mr. Terry Washington if you have the stomach. The facts of the case could not be more nauseating.

Are we to believe that Alberto Gonzales and George W Bush have suddenly got religion and will suddenly give these cases the due diligence they deserve? Or will this just be a repeat of W's Texas days where he couldn't shovel the bodies to the executioner fast enough?

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