Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bush Pays Off His "Born Again" Base

Thirty pieces of silver anyone? These days the going rate for the betrayal of Jesus seems to have gone up. Chalk it up to inflation, perhaps greed also. CREW spilled the beans on some very sordid goings on with "pregnancy resource centers." Money is being tossed around like there is no tomorrow to tiny constituencies. Kind of gives the lie to Bush's veto of SCHIP as being too pricey. Seems we can't help insure children who's parents make too little to afford insurance and make too much to qualify for Medicaid but we can toss a cool 1.3 Million dollars to the First Choice Pregnancy Center in Texarkana, Texas. Are you telling me that it cost that much to cover a maximum of 1000 patients a year?

But it gets better, these lovely little centers are spewing anti-choice propaganda. Sing along campers you should all know the lyrics put out by the choice-hating Christianist whack-jobs.
Post Abortion Stress Syndrome anyone? Would like a side of breast cancer fear mongering with that? The ACLU has looked into this and is not happy. They see government funding of a religious viewpoint. You don't say! Our Dear Commander Guy in Chief is stuffing money into the pockets of Dominionist Anti-Choiceres? Say it isn't so!

Sarcasm aside, it is getting hard to get one's dander up about this latest assault on decency perpetrated by the Bush Crime Syndicate. This is business as usual for an administration that runs the country like a racket. Of course Bush's fundies are going to get pay-back for helping him get elected. Of course Bush is going to have no compunction about violating both the spirit and the law about church-state separation.

The righteous rage well is almost dry. We already know that Bush's tenure has been one long assault on our rights in general and reproductive rights in particular. His two appointments to the Supreme Court were a disaster to a woman's right to choose. After almost seven years of radical-right-wing rule we are not really surprised by this outrage. It is not surprising that it is the most vulnerable of women, those in rural areas, that are getting the shaft here. They are living deep in the heart of Bible country. This is the heart of Bush's Christianist base, were brass-knuckled conformist theocracy lives and breaths. This is letting the bully-boy preachers further their misogynist agenda. This is what is meant by the tyranny of the majority.

We have seen this type of religious tyranny before, we have seen it on our own shores. Part of the travesty of justice that was the Salem Witch trials was rooted in the absolutist theocratic governance of the puritan settlers.

There is a crowd that wants another go at establishing a pure "Christian" state. Some people have no learning curve. They can only see a vehicle to enforce their "true" way on other people. They are in short Authoritarians. They will bring "Jesus" to the nation whether we want him or not. Unfortunately there version Jesus has nothing to with the good rabbi from Nazareth. Instead of the loving and forgiving man of peace they have a intolerant, inflexible war monger. The Christianists have a will to power and wish to dominate that would make Nietzsche blush.

Is this really news? Not really, the mask of Good ol' Boy George W has been off to anyone who is half-way paying attention. There is a reason why 50% of Americans "Strongly Disagree" with W's policies. This piece of news is reason 999,999 of why we hold Shrub in contempt. The question is what do we do about it? With the current state of gridlock in congress, it looks like this is another wrong on our to-do list that needs to be corrected in 2009.
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