Sunday, November 18, 2007

Novak, Obama and HRC

Robert Novak, crown prince of the swamp-lands, master of the realm of vile innuendo, managed to dump some of his prized slime on Barak Obama the other day. This particular bit of highly crafted toxic waste managed to further poison the relationship between Obama and HRC.

Novak is an evil genius when it comes to dispensing with the sludge. The reporting is so vague, so unsourced. Maybe some one in the Clinton Campaign claimed that there might be dirt on Obama but then again who knows—that was the gist of the Novak piece.

Novak can easily disown the entire article and or just parts of it at his leisure. There is no way to pin libel on his Armani suite, no way to hold him to account. It is like watching a dung beetle at work; it’s fascinating at first until you realize that they play with, work with, and eat stool.

Were has Barak Obama been? Why doesn’t he understand that Novak is a provocateur, a shill who catapults buckets of slime for his right-wing masters? This is the man that outed Valerie Plame-Wilson for Darth Cheney. This is the man who betrayed the country, who compromised an ongoing undercover operation. Thanks to Novak we flushed 20 years of intelligence work down the tubes. All this was done as political payback to man who dared tell the truth: Joe Wilson. And Novak was happy to put the shiv in to the good ambassador. He was happy to do it because of who he is-- a cowardly, slippery, sleazy thug.

Barak Obama stupidly stepped into Novak’s ill-concealed sludge pit. He then tried to blame the mess on HRC. Again this was stupid, HRC is no one’s fool, and she is not going to take the blame for something she had nothing to do with. HRC struck back and struck back hard adding to the self-inflicted injury of Obama.

Politics being politics, Obama does have to illuminate the differences between himself and HRC. In short he has to attack her. But he needs to choose his battles. You don’t charge a fortified position with a pea-shooter; No, you keep your powder dry and look for a weak spot. Obama tried to flip HRC on the issue of mudslinging. But the grenade that Novak provided him blew up in Obama’s hand.

The best thing Obama can do now is pretend this never happened. Stop talking about it and let the news cycle take care of the rest. The more he harps on this, the stupider and shriller he appears. This Novak piece is classic Rovian strategy, attack you opponents assumed strength. Obama’s strength is his why can’t we all be friends mantra. This attack shows that Obama is not willing to sing kumbaya with everyone. Obama is being positively catty with HRC and it is hurting him. The sooner he disengages the better. He is not going to flip the Sumotori HRC with the Novak move and if he isn’t careful HRC will put a world of hurt on him.

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