Friday, July 25, 2008

Even The Cubans are No Longer Republicans

WASHINGTON — Hispanic support for Democrats has soared in the past four years, driven by the bitter immigration policy debate, the sagging economy and the unpopular Iraq war, according to a Pew Hispanic Center poll.

The survey of 2,015 Latinos found that Democrat Sen. Barack Obama, who lost the Hispanic vote to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton by a margin of nearly 2-to-1 in the Democratic primary, holds a commanding 66 percent to 23 percent lead over Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain.

Pew Hispanic Center associate director Mark Hugo Lopez said that President Bush's 27 percent approval rating among Latinos is evidence of "growing dissatisfaction with the direction of the country."

The Democratic tide in the Hispanic community is so strong that Obama has built a lead among every nationality group, including the historically Republican Cuban-American population, which now favors Obama by 53 percent to 29 percent.


2008 The year of the Elephant Graveyard? Does disprove the Clintonista arguement that only HRC could pull in the Hispaninc vote. Hispanics loved Hillary but it seems they will vote for Obama.

Fun fact from the Huston Chronicle Article "McCain cannot gain traction even among the wealthiest Hispanics, who lean to Obama by about 2-to-1." When a Republican can not even garner the support of the fat cats he or she is in deep kimchee.

No Legusta Senior McCain seems to be the Spanish phrase that pays.

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