Monday, August 4, 2008

Exactly What is The McCain Campaign Thinking?

The McCain Campaign is going to Buffalo Chip. No seriously, John Sidney McCain III will appear at the Sturgis Rally at the Buffalo Chip stage to honor our veterans. On the surface this might have been good idea; motorcycles, American Flags, a stirring tribute to those who served, it would be a nice 30-45 second visual for the T.V. machine. Then the second thoughts come rolling in. Preceding this event is a wet and wild women of wrestling event; a Miss Buffalo Chip beauty contest, a duo called Ross and Rotten, and Kid Rock. Exactly how are you going to appeal to the family values set when you appear at an event that features barely dressed women who then usually then proceed to get totally undressed? (The wet and wild event and the Lingerie event featuring the "women of Hawaiian Tropic") Granted there is an event featuring "Machine Gun Shooting - separately ticketed from Buffalo Chip events" which should send the NRA types in to paroxysm of joy; but exactly how does this appeal to moderate Independent Voters?

This is a real head scratching moment. Other than his red-meat base who is McCain appealing to? Of course there will be men on Harley Davidson motorcycles rolling around with American flags but their will also be hard core biker men and biker women. Hello earth to McCain; think about that for a minute: biker chicks. If Barack Obama's opposition research team does not take this event and run with it they should be immediately sacked.

H/T to Attaturk at Rising Hememon
and to Sam Stien at Huffington Post
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