Sunday, August 3, 2008

Princess Chunk and The Housing Bubble

The cat currently known as Prince Chunk is living the American dream.

The tubby tabby went from the streets of New Jersey to red-hot media darling in less than a week. Chunk appeared today on "Good Morning America," his second talk-show appearance in as many days.

Donna Oklatner, a 65-year-old retiree, said she had to part with the cat she named Powder because she faced foreclosure on her Voorhees, N.J., home.

Oklatner told the New York Daily News she was "heartbroken" to give up the cat, but because of her economic woes, she asked a friend to take Powder to a local animal shelter.

"I would never abandon an animal," she told the newspaper.

. . .

For now, Chunk has become the poster child for the toll the failing economy is taking on animals, as more pets lose their homes along with their owners. "It's an epidemic," said Camden County Animal Shelter worker Debbie Wright.

Snip / Sliced and diced from ABC News Good Morning America
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