Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don’t Mind us, Just Passing Through the Neighborhood

BENGHAZI, Libya — Moammar Gadhafi came under intensified international pressure Monday to halt attacks on anti-regime protesters, with the Pentagon dispatching ships and aircraft to the Mediterranean Sea and the Treasury Department freezing a record $30 billion in assets tied to the embattled dictator and his family.

Pentagon spokesmen didn’t detail the purpose of the U.S. ship and aircraft movements, but the moves didn’t appear to signal direct U.S. military intervention in Libya. Among the ships being sent, reports said, is the USS Kearsarge, which carries nearly 2,000 Marines and dozens of helicopters.
“We have planners working and various contingency plans and I think it’s safe to say as part of that we’re repositioning forces to be able to provide for that flexibility once decisions are made,” said Marine Col. David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman.

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Oh, right, nothing to see here. Just go about your day Mr Power-mad Dictator, it is just a Amphibious Readiness Group bristling with Grunts and enough equipage to start a small war.


Pay no attention to that battalion of U.S. Marines now circling the ocean like hungry sharks eying an easy meal. They're just looking for a liberty port near by. They wouldn’t be doing anything like taking over an airport to allow a follow-on action by more Marines or U.S. Army and Air Force assets, they wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing.

Don’t worry it is just the World’s Greatest Navy waving a friendly hello
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