Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh Joy, Oh Rupture, I mean Rapture

Ah the joys of blogging. The comments I get, such wonderful stuff. Thank God or the deities of the Internet for comment moderation, which I always keep on full blast. I check every attempt to "comment" and thanks to Google I see the spam before it infests the site. I have no idea who anonymous may be but he or she is definitely getting their kink on lately. Links to BDSM sites and videos seem to be Anon's favorite thing to share. Yup, no more on line dating sites in the U.K. we are now into whips and chains and other family friendly fare. What these sites might have to do with the eminent downfall of the Gaddafi regime in Libya is a subject we might have to bring up with Anon. On first glance the connection seems tenuous at best.

Anyway dear reader, if you really are looking for this kind of fun and frivolity may I suggest visiting some other site. I'm sure the Google will provide a raft of suggestions to pique your curiosity. This site will remain BDSM free for the foreseeable future. Now if someone were to offer large mounds of cash, we are not above a little bribery the way the ocean is not above the sky. ( Thank you, dear departed Douglas Addams for that bon mot.)
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