Monday, April 18, 2011

Spam, Spam, Spam; Glorious Spam! Spamity Spam!

"Oh bother", as Winnie The Pooh would say. Bother and where is my honey? Why is it that all my "comments" from the fan base seem to be flagged as "Spam" by the Great, Glorious Google machine? And why are they Spam? I am getting very tired of a Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. Sometimes this persistent person can not even bother to speak in the language of your faithful reporter. No, gentle reader, it is off to the dark forests of the Teutonic wilderness for Anonymous. Why does this reader wish to remind me of my painful brush up in High School with this retched language? I would rather forget the crash and burn of the F I got in that demonic language that had three genders to work out.  Ah German, a language where a cabbage had gender but not little boys and girls. Unlike Spanish, and other Romance Languages, where you had at least a fifty-fifty shot of getting the gender; German reduced the odds to one in three. Der, Die, Das, any rules for this teacher? Not really, you just have to learn by rote. Well, that is just great news teacher, just what a ADHD teen needs to hear.

But lookie here, the actual links are in English, how thoughtful Mr. High German Anonymous poster. Oh, Oh Dear, Oh My, never mind; nothing to see here gentle reader, move along, move along.  Yikes.

And lookie here, yet another offer to help me be even more of a manly man. Just. Freaking. Wonderful. And here something about  Nexium, twice.  Look, I don't know about you gentle reader, but reading about a U of PA study about this stuff, and something about Nexium withdrawal diarrhea is not on the top of my to-do list.

Sigh, clean up on aisle 5! Time to delete, delete, delete.
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