Saturday, November 19, 2011

Super Duper Committee Dies From Exposure To Political Kryptonite

Super Committee Negotiations Now About How To Fail Gracefully | TPMDC:

A highly placed Democratic source weighs in on the current state of Super Committee negotiations.

In other words, the ongoing conversations are mainly about putting the best face on failure rather than finding actual agreement.


I never thought I would be happy about the partisan gridlock that encases D.C. in political amber, but there is a first thing for everything. The Super Committee was always a terrible idea. It was an epic dodge of Congressional responsibilities. That it has died on the vine is a very good thing.

This makes the 2012 election critical. With OWS in the background, the unwashed masses can put an end to undemocratic like the Super Duper Committee. The general public can make it clear that they have no interest in any more Cat Food For Senior cabals.
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