Saturday, November 19, 2011

You Have To Be Bleeping Kidding!

"Birthers" Attempt To Remove Obama From New Hampshire Primary. The birther wars continue. Orly Taitz, birther queen of California, personally filed a complaint in New Hampshire on Saturday that challenged President Obama’s U.S. citizenship and argued for his removal from the state’s ballot,reports the Concord Monitor.

New Hampshire’s electoral governing body, the Ballot Law Commission, turned down the complaint in a public hearing via 5-0 vote. It got pretty ugly shortly thereafter.

“Traitors!” screamed the members of the attending public. “Treason!”

“You have no decency! You have no honesty! You’re committing treason!”

The group of birthers, which included several New Hampshire state representatives, erupted after the decision, shouting at the commission attorneys as they tried to exit the hearing room. Another state representative apparently suggested committee members should cover their face with a mask if they ever found themselves in his district.

In her own report posted here, Orly Taitz assailed the commission as corrupt, citing as evidence the fact that all its members were Democrats.


Sweet Baby Jesus On A Pogo Stick, what is wrong with these people! They are still banging on this bit of absurdity? They have both the short and long form birth certificates. They have the newspaper announcements in two Hawaii newspapers. They have the sworn testimony  of a bleeding Republican governor of the state, and they still insist that Obama is not a native born citizen of the US.

That state representatives would join in this clown car is appalling. These are supposed to be the adults in the room. Yet one representative is actually threatening bodily harm to the committee that made this  decision.

Three years into the Administration of Barack Obama and thumb-sucking fools are still throwing tantrums about a black man getting into the White House. And they are getting aide and comfort from other thumb-sucking fools who think this a great way to keep their political office. This an utterly ridiculous state of affairs.

I dread 2012, it is going to be the Bataan Death March of presidential campaigns.
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