Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Another Day At The TSA

Omer Petti and Madge Woodward expected the alarms to go off at the airport security's metal detector when they were flying home to Detroit after visiting family recently near San Diego.
After all, Petti, who is 95 years old, has two artificial knees and Woodward, at 85, has had her hip replaced. But they sure didn't expect to be subjected to accusations, extreme pat-downs, and most importantly, to be missing $300 in cash.


Exactly how many 95 year old terrorists do you think are out there in the world? For that matter how many 85 year old women are terrorist threats? Someone please tell me why this elderly couple needed to be scanned in the first place, then tell me why TSA was not able to return all the items they had the couple place in their bins. Oh, and if a "security tape" can't keep track of $300.00 worth of bills, how is suposed to spot a small explosive device. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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