Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let It Burn

Detroit Fire Department Executive Fire Commissioner Donald Austin said he's proposing the city allow vacant buildings and homes to burn themselves out - but under conditions.
“We are in no way looking to 'let the city' burn, this is about saving lives and money,” Austin said. “My department is strapped, the budget is strapped, and it’s time to look at a new way of doing things."
"As we have seen, it is not just Detroit that is burning down. Cities and states across the country are slashing core programs and selling off parks and government buildings to cover their budgets as Congress and the White House continue to write checks for these wars abroad — while discussing the possibility of a war with Iran on behalf of Israel. It is unclear when the American people will say enough, but it is a testament to the strangle hold of the two parties on this country that we are discussing letting buildings burn rather than deal with billions gushing abroad in disastrous wars."
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